Advanced Combat Techniques Using the Stinger

The Stinger is an adaptable tool. It’s very simple, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Quite the contrary! It’s simplicity is one of its strengths.

Because of the fact that its so innocuous, so portable, and so easy to deploy when the situation calls for it, I have to bring up the fact that the Stinger is well-suited not only for simple strikes and punches, but also towards more advanced combat techniques. In other words, the Stinger isn’t “just” for regular people. The Stinger is a wonderful complement for any fighter’s skill set.

I’ve mentioned martial arts in my short article on How to Use the Stinger. I myself practice Krav Maga – but I have friends and fellow “warriors” who are advanced in various other fighting arts – such as Kuk Sool Won, Aikido, MMA, and even Ninjitsu, to give just a few examples. I know these people and respect their skills. I also know that most of the people who are like-minded tend to carry weapons – legal weapons. (I don’t advocate breaking the law – it’s more trouble than it’s worth and doesn’t always work out so well in the end.) In the circles I frequent, concealed carry licenses are the norm, and tools like the Stinger are very common.

That being said, everyone I know uses the Stinger in the basic way I showed in the last post. But they also put their own “spin” on it – adapting it to their choice of fighting style. Believe it or not, the Stinger can be used in more than just one or two ways!

I found a wonderful demonstration of just a few ways to use a Stinger. This gentleman and his assistant let you see some very practical ways to employ the weapon – including the “Bouncer’s Grip” I alluded to in the last post. Check out this video to see some more advanced techniques shown!