How to Use the Comtech Stinger

The average person isn’t used to hitting, fighting, or violence. But the average bad guy is used to it – in his world, it may even be a way of life. So it can be hard for someone like you or me to pick up an object like the Stinger and know how to use it.

Punching Using a Stinger

Striking With the Stinger

First, there is no substitute for self-defense training. I recommend that everyone – at minimum – take a basic self-defense course at least once per year. Classes for men, women, and even kids are inexpensive and accessible. Most towns have a parks & recreation department that offers courses like this. My city’s police department holds a free course each year. Your town may have something similar.

Better yet, enroll in a martial art. Prepare for war! If you can take muay thai, Systema, Krav Maga, or MMA – go for it. You’ll feel empowered, build confidence, and learn how to handle yourself in a physical confrontation.

Now, I know the average person won’t go that far. But that doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself if necessary – far from it. The beauty of the Stinger is that it very quickly and effectively gives you the element of surprise and a physical advantage. I train in Krav Maga at least a couple days a week. I get hit regularly (in sparring) by beginners as well as veteran practitioners. So I have just a bit of experience with throwing and taking punches.

I say that to say this: I do not want to get hit by anyone – beginner or expert – if they’re holding a Stinger.

It does hurt.

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So, while I would love everyone reading this to know how to punch properly, how to block attacks, how to fight dirty when a bad guy tries to harm you – I know that a Stinger is very effective even in the hands of the average Joe or Jane. I genuinely believe that any able-bodied person should carry a Stinger. So…how do you use it?

There are a couple of ways. And they’re both simple.

How to Hold the Stinger to Punch

How to Hold the Stinger to Punch

The most obvious and easiest way to use the Stinger is to hold it the way it looks like you’re supposed to hold it: first and middle finger around the “T” right under the point. The base of it rests roughly in your palm, and you grasp the device in a fist. (You can also hold it between the middle and ring finger if that feels more natural to you.) This method works great – and it’s what I would recommend for most people. You simply hold it, and strike the attacker.

And by the way – there are no rules. To the bad guys, you’re prey. So don’t feel sorry for them. You might be fighting for your very life. Send as many crazy, explosive, merciless punches as you can. Hit whatever you can on their body. They won’t wanna stick around – believe me. Predators want the easy prey. Don’t be easy.

The second way to use a Stinger is much less intuitive, but can also be effective. This method of holding the Stinger has you pointing it downward – grasping the flat area and holding it with the point facing perpendicular to (or out from) your palm. I have primarily seen this method used by big guys who know other martial arts or fighting techniques. Quite frankly, I can only see this being used in situations where you’re attempting to gain control of someone (or convince someone!) to “behave”. It’s not suited for explosive, energetic attacks such as you would need in a quick fight. There are a couple of variations on this second method, and they’re not for the average user – nor are its applications well-suited for most self-defense situations. Who would use it in this way, you wonder? Most likely it will be people who work in fields such as security or even law enforcement. So I recommend the first method of holding the Stinger.

Comtech Stinger Bouncer Grip

The Stinger “Bouncer Grip”

Remember – if you can avoid trouble, that’s best. If trouble gets close but you can run and get away, that’s good too. But if trouble meets you head on and you have to face it, then do what you need to do. And make sure you have the advantage!