Why You Need a Stinger

comtech stingers

It’s Easy to Use

Grasp it in your hand, and it naturally fits into place. The Stinger’s design makes it intuitive; as soon as you hold it, you automatically know what to do with it.

It’s Lightweight – Yet Extremely Strong

Some have said that the Stinger is virtually indestructible – yet it weighs almost nothing! Your Stinger never gets in the way and never weighs you down, and it’s durable material will last for years.

It’s Small and Compact

The Stinger fits in the palm of your hand, and lends itself well to casual readiness or easy concealment. Put it on your key ring, throw it in your purse…and snap it out whenever you might need it. Whoever said “dynamite comes in small packages” must’ve been talking about the Stinger!

It’s Inexpensive

The boost of confidence you get just by holding it in your hand is priceless, but the Stinger is very affordable. Not only is it great for personal peace of mind – but it also makes an ideal gift!

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